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Thank you for joining the SameDayMusic affiliate program!

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In order to get those commissions rolling, you need to take one more step - without taking this step, you won't earn a dime.

You must create links to on your website.

Your links should take this format -

The mc--XX is your affiliate code. This is the code that associates the referal to you and credits you with any applicable sale.

You can link to anywhere on the site. Many people link to the home page, but you will often get better results by linking to specific category or product pages - or even search results.

Visit the page you wish to link to, copy the URL, and add your affiliate code. For example, we'll use the computer music category:

Now, add your affiliate code right after the domain name:

Now you can link directly to the computer music page and your affiliate code will be recorded.

We've found that text links, especially endorsements of specific products, are your most effective form of advertising. An example would be a link that read as follows "Buy your Boss Multitrack Recoders at SameDayMusic today" (include the entire content in the link).

Although text links are a surprisingly effective form of advertising, we also offer images and logos from our site. These complement text links well, and we encourage you to use them. Showing the SameDayMusic logo and graphics prominently on your site, along with the text links, will prepare the user to purchase from us when they get to our website - they will already have that well-deserved comfort-level with that brand. When you use the images, be sure to add your affiliate code to the link above, to ensure that you receive credit from any click-throughs.

The more you verbally endorse SameDayMusic in your web site text, the more likely your users are to visit and make a purchase. Poke around on the website and get familiar with how we work. This will help you understand our company and better promote our services to your visitors. This will, in turn, increase the payout to you!

Example text link:

SameDayMusic offers lightning-fast service and rock bottom prices on a multi-million dollar selection of musical instruments and audio gear. For the best service and prices, we recommend Visit them here!

Link the entire text to

The link will include your affiliate code, ensuring that you earn a commission from the sales made from your promotion.

You can also include text mentioning specific Same Day Music categories on your site...

SameDayMusic offers the full line of Pro Tools LE hardware, and a huge selection of audio plugins for your computer recording system. Their prices are unbeatable, and their shipping is super-fast.

Link the entire text, or just "Check out all of SameDayMusic's computer music products..." to