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What is an affiliate program?

The GearLink affiliate program for SameDayMusic is an easy way for musicians and webmasters alike to earn great money promoting musical instruments. When you link your web site to SameDayMusic and send customers their way, we pay you top dollar commissions on purchases these visitors make.

If you send over a user who subsequently purchases a popular Martin or Gibson guitar, you could earn at least $100 on that sale alone! From small accessories to guitars to full computer workstations, each sale adds up to one big paycheck with your name on it.

How much money do I earn per sale?

In addition to the base referral rate we offer, you can earn huge bonuses with the GearLink affiliate program for SameDayMusic. Here is a breakdown of our commission and bonus structure:

  • Total initial earnings opportunity: 10% commission!
    • Based on historical conversion rates, high-volume affiliates generating high-volume traffic may earn in excess of $45 EPC (per 100 clicks) with the initial bonus
    • Long-term average among high-volume affiliates expected to be around $12.50 EPC (per 100 clicks)
    • (Note: individual results vary based on visitor qualification and may vary somewhat from month to month.)
  • High conversion rate: SameDayMusic offers a number of customer benefits to increase conversion - these benefit your conversion rate!
    • Free shipping on many high-dollar items
    • Guaranteed same day shipment or a cash payment
    • Guaranteed lowest prices and 60-day price protection
    • When customers find SameDayMusic, they know it will deliver for them, and that will deliver solid sales conversions and commissions for you!
  • 1 year "cookie" (1-yr period in which sale is credited to the affiliate if they are most recent referrer)
  • 5% base commission rate for all products
  • Bonus Based on Monthly Net Dollar Sales
  • Bonus rate is determined each month when commissions are paid
    • Monthly net sales > $2,500 earn 20% bonus on commission
    • Monthly net sales > $5,000 earn 35% bonus on commission
    • Monthly net sales > $10,000 earn 50% bonus on commission
    • Monthly net sales > $25,000 earn 100% bonus on commission
  • To be eligible for the bonus, a website (or a group of websites that behave as one website for the user) must promote SameDayMusic exclusively. If you have any questions about this, please contact us!)

Once you've sent the customers to SameDayMusic, their experts handle the important and difficult work of making the sale, collecting the payment, and shipping out the order. They take care of all the customer service and support, and we report the final sale info to your account. You only need to send over the customers, and let them know that SameDayMusic is the best place on the web to buy musical instruments. And we have to admit, we think they're great at it!

What does it cost to join? Are there any risks?

Signing up to the GearLink affiliate program is 100% free, and the tools you need to start earning commissions are available to you right away. Just add links, banners, and other affiliate tools to your web site and you're in business. If you decide that the program is not right for you, you can cancel right away or at any time with no obligation or risk.

Who Can Participate?

Any webmaster or musician with a website may participate. If you have a site for your band, community site, individual web page or online affiliate store, we welcome you to join! We do ask, however, that your site is appropriate for SameDayMusic visitors (no adult content!). Make sure you have read and understood our affiliate agreement to ensure that we avoid any future pitfalls.

How do I get started as a GearLink affiliate for SameDayMusic?

  1. Read the GearLink Affiliate Agreement.
  2. Fill out the affiliate signup form.
  3. Add affiliate links and content to your web site.


How do I create links to SameDayMusic

See the setup section of your affiliate portal, where we explain in detail how to create links to SameDayMusic pages. If rocket science didn't work out for you, we're confident you can still create a link to SameDayMusic; you'll be surprised at how easy it is. Any time you need a reference, just take a look at your affiliate portal for more information, or contact our affiliate staff for assistance.

Can I link to individual products?

You sure can. Not only can you link to individual products, but you can link to full product categories and even search result pages. All of this is spelled out in the setup section of your affiliate portal. This is a great way for you to merchandise your site to best fit your users needs.

I don't know how to write HTML. Can you help me?

We do our best to provide you with a set of customized instructions on how to set up your affiliate site. Take a look at your affiliate portal, where you'll find some great tools and starters available to get you going. From there, there are countless tools, texts, and communities online which can help you get acquainted with web site development, and help you achieve the goals you've set for yourself. You can find many freeware software tools designed to help you build a web site, and can invest in some more advanced tools like Frontpage or Dreamweaver if you see fit. If you're unsure about what to do next, just look around online in forums and otherwise-- you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

Referral Fees

Why does GearLink wait 60 days to pay affiliate commissions?

SameDayMusic offers a 60-day return policy to our customers. If a customer you referred made a sale and returned the item a month or so later, that amount will be deducted from your commissions. We wait 60 days until returns have been accounted for and mail out your check. If you generate $5,000 in sales June and $100 is returned in July, we will pay you your adjusted commissions for June (net sales of $4,900) in the beginning of August.

After I refer a customer to SameDayMusic, how long will I receive credit for sales made by the customer?

GearLink pays for all sales attributed to qualified referrals for up to one full year after the referral. If you send a customer that does not make a purchase until twelve full months (minus a day) after you referred them, you'll still earn commission on that sale.

Can my affiliate ID be replaced by another if my customer should visit another affiliate?

Yes. If a user of your site visits another GearLink affiliate for SameDayMusic before making a purchase, the other affiliate will receive credit for the sale. This is a rare occurrence, but if you can ensure that your site is the most relevant in the mind of the user, chances are they'll come back to you instead of visiting elsewhere.

My affiliate reports show that I earned a commission last month. How come I haven't received my check yet?

GearLink pays affiliate checks after they reach a balance of $50 or more. If you have not yet received $50 worth of commissions, we will withhold that amount until you do so.

Reporting & Account Maintenance

How do I track orders and know how much I should be paid?

We provide you with accurate reporting of clicks and sales in your affiliate portal. Our reports are built through a direct connection between our reporting system, SameDayMusic's website, and their warehouse mainframe. As soon as you have working affiliate links, you can see this in action. Your reports are updated daily, and should be available around 3:00a.m. EST.

How come I show having sent you ten clicks, but your reports only show one?

GearLink employs �client side caching� for speedy performance of landing pages. Basically, this means that much of the page information you view will be reloaded from your browser, not the SameDayMusic server. For example, if you were to set up a link from your site to the home page and click through ten times in a row, you would only be accessing and downloading from the SameDayMusic server once. These ten clicks will appear as one click-through in our reports, as you only truly visited our server once.

How do I know how much commission I earned in a month or a day?

Visit your affiliate portal on the SameDayMusic web site, and take a look at your daily or monthly commission/click reports. This will show how much commission you have earned in that period and how many clicks you sent to the SameDayMusic web site.

How do I update my account information?

If you wish to update your account with new payee information, a change of address, a new URL/web address or otherwise, you may do so by emailing affiliate@! We will update your account information and reply to you as soon as possible.

How do I change my password?

Login to the affiliate portal and select "change your password" from the menu bar. If you have forgotten your password, go to the Login page in your affiliate portal and select "forgot your password?" A new password will be sent to the email address you associated with your affiliate account.

I misplaced my affiliate ID. How can I find it?

Check in the place where you usually leave your keys. Not there? Send us an email and we'll find that for you right away.


I am not in the U.S., can I still be a GearLink affiliate for SameDayMusic?

Of course! We are happy to extend our program to our neighbors outside the U.S. Referral fees will be paid in U.S. Dollars to anyone who wishes to be a part of our team.

Will you deduct federal taxes from my affiliate commissions?

Unless we are otherwise notified by the government, you will be paid affiliate commissions without taxes being deducted from our payment to you.